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Aviapolis is an international airport city in the middle of a metropolitan area. Its location in a traffic hub has made it the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in the Helsinki region.

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Aviapolis is located in a hub of international traffic and passenger flows. The location in the immediate vicinity of the airport along the Ring Rail Line and Ring Road III makes Aviapolis one of the most easily reached hubs in Finland.

Aviapolis is accessible to 150,000 people by train in less than half an hour. More than 15 million passengers pass through the airport every year, and the Ring Road III running through Aviapolis is a part of the European route E18 from St. Petersburg to Belfast, thus making it the most important international road traffic connection in Finland.

During the next 35 years, the Helsinki region is expected to grow by 600,000 new residents, and by 2050, the metropolitan area will be home to 2 million residents.

Your home in Aviapolis

Aviapolis offers a number of options in terms of both one-family houses and apartments. At the moment, Aviapolis is home to more than 18,000 residents. Housing development in the area continues to be vivid. New housing solutions have been completed in Kartanonkoski, Ylästö, Tammisto, and Pakkala. In the near future, Aviapolis will also see the rise of new residential areas; for instance, new residential blocks will be built next to the Aerola buildings designed by Alvar Aalto.


Renowned for its architecture, Kartanonkoski is one of the best-known and most desired residential areas in Vantaa. The architecture was influenced by the buildings of the Backas manor and 1920s’ classicism. Typical features in the area include narrow, curved streets, steep red-brick roofs, and colourful walls. The distinctive look of the area gained fame in the Risto Räppääjä films, among other things.


The popular residential area of Ylästö is situated on the south side of Ring Road III and bordered by the Vantaa river. The outdoor recreation and nature conservation areas of Pitkäkoski and Haltiala are located along the river. The housing of Ylästö mostly consists of one-family houses and terraced houses. Buildings dating back to the 18th century have remained in the area. The area is especially popular among families with children.


Pakkala was named after the Backas manor established in the 17th century. The residential area is situated next to the commercial centre of the area and the shopping centre Jumbo. The stock of buildings in the area is diverse, consisting of one-family houses, terraced houses, and apartment buildings, and the development in the area continues to be vivid. Pakkalanrinne is one of the newest residential areas offering one-family houses.


Tammisto is situated in a fork of the Vantaa and Keravanjoki rivers next to the Tuusulanväylä motorway. The area has developed into one of the largest commercial hubs in Vantaa. It was named after the large oaks (tammi) growing in Tammistonmäki. Protected as of 1946, Tammistonmäki is the first nature conservation area in Vantaa. The area hosts terraced houses and apartment buildings in addition to one-family houses.


The new residential area of Aerola is situated in the immediate vicinity of the Aviapolis station. The heart of the area is formed by the residential areas, saunas and washing houses designed by Alvar Aalto for the aeroplane mechanics of Aero Oy (predecessor of Finnair) in the 1950s. The new buildings reflect the history and spirit of the area. The colours and materials follow the heritage of Alvar Aalto, featuring brick and white plastering.

Close to the services

Jumbo, the second largest shopping centre in the Nordic countries and the largest shopping centre in Finland in terms of purchasing numbers, is located at the heart of Aviapolis. Jumbo and the Tammisto shopping area situated in its vicinity host nearly 200 specialist stores, including international chains and smaller boutiques.

Aviapolis is also home to one of the most popular travel destinations in the Helsinki region; the Flamingo Entertainment Centre, featuring a spa, hotel, a number of restaurants, a bowling alley, cinema, and much more.

The International School of Vantaa is situated in Aviapolis, and the area also has the English-speaking Y.E.S day care centre in addition to Finnish-speaking day care centres.

Set up your business in Aviapolis

Aviapolis is the strongest growing business area and employment centre in the metropolitan area. The area hosts 1,900 companies employing 35,000 people. The newest promoter for growth in the area is the Ring Rail Line, connecting Helsinki Airport to Helsinki city centre. The Ring Rail Line will increase the importance of the area as an employment centre even further.

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Your job is already here

Aviapolis offers a job for 35,000 employees, and the area is estimated to have 15,000 new jobs in the near future. Easy accessibility and excellent traffic connections from different parts of the metropolitan area make Aviapolis an exceptionally attractive employment centre in the middle of the largest reserve of workforce in Finland.

Come face to face with your colleagues

The location of Aviapolis outside the traffic of the city centre and in the immediate vicinity of the airport makes it an ideal place for meetings and encounters. In Aviapolis, you will have no trouble arranging both international conferences and smaller meetings. Diverse accommodation options also offer the opportunity to organise events lasting several days.

We are building Aviapolis

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Airport area's career opportunities highlighted in the third Aviapolis Jobs event!

Aviapolis is the most intensively growing business area and workplace hub in the metropolitan area. The area has more than 1 900 businesses that already employ 35 000 people. Employees in the area find employment in many different fields, including, among others, aviation, hotel and catering, sales and customer service, technology and security. The area offers plenty of opportunities for those beginning their careers, as well as for those developing themselves further for diverse and demanding tasks.

Visitors to the Aviapolis Jobs recruitment event will meet with representatives of businesses and occupational groups operating in the airport area. These representatives will inform the audience of the area’s career opportunities and vacancies. More than 20 businesses operating in the airport area have enrolled in the event, among them are Airpro, Aviator Finland, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, DHL, Finavia, Finnair, HMSHost Finland Oy, Nordic Regional Airlines Oy, Opteam, Promotion Point, The Finnish Border Guard, Securitas Oy, Sodexo Oy, Sokotel Oy, SSP Finland, StaffPoint Oy, Swissport Finland Oy, City of Vantaa, and World Duty Free (WDFG Helsinki Oy).

As in the previous events, the Aviapolis Jobs event aims to increase knowledge of the rapidly growing and developing Aviapolis area, its job opportunities, as well as to promote the local businesses’ recruitment cooperation and marketing of versatile job and career opportunities. In addition, employers in the Aviapolis area cooperate with universities and educational institutions in the metropolitan area.

The Aviapolis Jobs network will also arrange Aviapolis Treffit in connection with the event. The aims are to promote cooperation between different educational institutions and businesses in the Aviapolis area; to start continuous interaction and exchange of information; as well as to give rise to lively discussion about the area’s future competence needs.

Aviapolis Jobs recruitment event

Time: Wednesday, January 31, 2018, from 10:00 to 15:00

Venue: Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport

Address: Karhumäentie 5, Vantaa

The following businesses will participate in the event: Airpro, Aviator Finland, Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, DHL, Finavia, Finnair, HMSHost Finland Oy, Nordic Regional Airlines Oy, Opteam, Promotion Point, The Finnish Border Guard, Securitas Oy, Sodexo Oy, Sokotel Oy, SSP Finland, StaffPoint Oy, Swissport Finland Oy, City of Vantaa, World Duty Free (WDFG Helsinki Oy)

The event in Facebook.

More information on the event is provided by:

Saila Kurki, saila.kurki@vantaa.fi

Aviapolis City Bootcamp invites you to turn your ideas into business

City of Vantaa Business Development Services organizes Aviapolis City Bootcamp on 22nd – 23rd October 2016. The aim of the competion is to turn ideas into new business and develop new services for the Aviapolis area.

Aviapolis is growing fast, which creates demand for new services. Aviapolis City Bootcamp is a great way to develop their business ideas with support of  experienced coaches and mentors. The event also provides for the local companies the opportunity to work for example with startups. The aim is that the co-operations between teams, City of Vantaa and local companies will continue also after the competition “, tells José Valanta Business Development Director of City of Vantaa.

At Aviapolis City Bootcamp we looking for innovative and solid business ideas in the following three focus areas: Mobility as a Service, Hospitality and Retail & Logistics). New, intelligent services will developed aimed at the people working, living and visiting the Aviapolis area.

The Aviapolis City Bootcamp is an open competition to student and startup teams, companies and individuals that are looking for teams to join in to further develop their new business ideas.  The most successful  teams  will be awarded with great prizes like  SLUSH 2016 -tickets, professional business consulting services (value 3000€) and access to compete in the Ultrahack Challenge 2016. There is also. The most attractive idea(s) will be also invited to pilot project(s)  in 2017 in the Aviapolis area.

Aviapolis City Bootcamp is held in Turbiini Accelerator at Technopolis Aviapolis Business Park.

Apply now to secure your spot: https://bootcamp.aviapolis.fi/.

More information:
Anu Peltola, Aviapolis City Project, Business Development Services City of Vantaa

Facebook: Aviapolis City Bootcamp
Twitter: @AviapolisCity

Over a hundred Airport professionals gathered in Vantaa

Competence and business opportunities were the topics at the International Airport Regions Conference on June 9th, 2016 at the Science Center Heureka in Vantaa.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Aviapolis area around it has a significant role for Uusimaa region’s economy as well as for the whole of Finland. Conference’s presentations gave different aspects related to the development of airports and their surroundings.

The conference wasn’t just about Helsinki-Vantaa. The audience had the pleasure to listen also international presentations for example by Ph.D.Director John D. Kasarda from University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School.  Internationally valued Dr. Kasarda, who has created the famous concept of Aerotropolis, was now visiting Finland for the very first time.

All in all the spirit of this conference was a strong common belief that the airports and their surroundings are the hearts of competitiveness and economical growth during the next decades.

Conference was organized by City of VantaaHelsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council  and  Airport Regions Conference (ARC). ARC is an association of regional and local authorities across Europe with an international airport situated within or near its territory. It has over 30 member regions.

Check out presentation materials from here!

The Employers of Aviapolis: We have a job for you!

Aviapolis is the largest and strongest growing business area and employment centre in the Helsinki region. This international working hub hosts 1,000 companies from wide range of fields employing 35,000 people.

In our running development programme of Helsinki Airport the estimated employment impact of the Helsinki Airport construction work, which lasts until 2020, is 14,000 man-years, says Kaarina Soikkanen, Director of Administration and Personnel of Finavia.

Aviapolis is accessible to 150,000 people by train in less than half an hour. The area is easily reached and Aviapolis offers also a number of options in terms of both one-family houses and apartments. Not only workplaces, but also schools and kindergardens are close by, says José Valanta, Business Development Director of City of Vantaa

New cooperation of Airport Area’s employers

Concerns about the availability of a skilled labor force and safeguarding economical growth brought together the largest employers in the Airport area. Promoters of this co-operation have been the City of Vantaa, Finnair and Finavia. The aim is to improve the visibility of job opportunities in the rapidly growning area, to promote business co-operation , as well as to market together the wide range of job and career opportunities also in cooperation with the metropolitan area’s universities and schools.

Job Fair at Helsinki Airport in February 2016 was the first event organized together by Airport area’s employers. Now you can also find area’s open job positions and information about companies and career & trainee possibilities in the Aviapolis area from tyopaikat.aviapolis.fi. It’s free of charge to advertise a job located in Aviapolis area at the website.

The website is provited by Duunitori Oy in cooperation with Securitas Oy, Staffpoint Oy, SSP Finland, The Finnish Border Guard, Finavia, Finnair Oyj, Opteam, Promotion Point Oy, City of Vantaa, LSG Sky Chefs Finland Oy, Sodexo, Swissport Finland Oy, Norra Oy. In all the Employer Network itself is even wider.

We are member of #AviapolisJobs – employer network: http://tyopaikat.aviapolis.fi

More information, please contact:

José Valanta, Business Development Director , City of Vantaa

jose.valanta@vantaa.fi, +358 50 523 1116

Sami Laine, HR Partner, Finavia Oyj

sami.laine@finavia.fi, +358 40 538 4036

Outi Sivonen, Senior HRD Manager, Finnair Oyj

Outi.Sivonen@finnair.com, +358 50 392 6789

An expectional entertainment and media centre to be built in Vantaa: Aviapolis Studios opens in 2018

In the next few years, a new entertainment and media centre will rise to Aviapolis in Vantaa. Aviapolis Studios will be home to live TV productions and public events.

The planning of the Aviapolis Studios project will start in 2016, and construction has been estimated to start in spring 2017. Consisting of 16,000 m2 of offices and 5,000 m2 of event areas, the centre has been planned to open during 2018.

“Aviapolis Studios is an exceptional concept. It is a technically versatile venue, designed purely -for entertainment and events, where equipment providers, conference rooms and a modern office hub, offering synergies, are directly docked, and which offers agile and cost-efficient production capabilities, fulfilling today’s requirements. There are not many cities in Europe where a centre of a similar magnitude can be built next to an airport,” says Mikko Leppilampi, chairman of the Board of Directors of Aviapolis Studios Oy.

According to Tapani Mäkinen, chairman of the Vantaa city executive board, Aviapolis Studios will add significant depth to the range of functions and events in the Aviapolis area by enabling various world-class events, meetings, seminars and international conferences. At the same time, the centre will raise the urban identity of Vantaa to a whole new level.

“Aviapolis will become an active airport town full of life around the clock, where events of different sizes are organised, clubs are full of live music and a scent of tandoori chicken is in the air,” says Mäkinen, describing his visions.